Guard Rolling Consumer Advice

Before going out and buying your next wheel and tyre package consider guard rolling as your first option. Not all tyre and suspension shops will know if your new wheels will ultimately fit your car's wheel arch, some may be only interested in the sale.

Do your homework, ask the retailer if they can guarantee there will be no tyre damage. Check with your mates, ask around if anybody has had a similar experience or better still contact Dent Craft to firstly advise you of purchasing wheels with positive or negative offsets and what should be suited to your vehicle. Secondly, if necessary, an on the spot professional job at a competitive price.

Guard Rolling Disclaimer

Dent Craft does not guarantee that after rolling guards on any vehicle the paintwork will not be damaged in any way.

However, in all cases any risk will be identified with the client prior to work being carried out.

Dent Craft does not guarantee that any rippling of the metal (including distortion, denting, misshaping of the area rolled) will not occur. However, every effort will be made to identify this possibility prior to work commencing and every effort used to prevent this.